Web-Based Application Development

Website design and development for company, e-commerce system, CMS and Social Network. We not only build up software systems based on customer needs, but suggest solutions, technology, analyze requirements, develop and deploy the software to our customers.

Programming languages: PHP, .Net, Java, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, Reactjs, NodeJS.

The systems we have developed for clients include:

  • Social Network
  • Chain restaurant and business management systems
  • Agriculture management system
  • Learning and examination management systems
  • E-Commerce Systems
  • Other systems based on the requirement of the customer

Smartphone Application Development

Working on applications on iOS, Android based on customers’ needs.

Programming languages: Android, Objective C, Swift, React Native
Environment: Mac, Windows PC, Xcode, Eclipse, Unity

The systems we have developed for clients include:

  • E-commerce system applications
  • Business management applications
  • Social Network
  • Personal applications: reading, alarming, etc.

Game development

Develop games on smart phone with Unity 2D and 3D. Our games mainly include educational games, simulation games and tactical games for professional players.

In terms of game development, we not only program based on customer requirements but we also have our own design team: character design, context and game script writing.

Programming languages: Unity2D và Unity3D
Environment: Mac, Windows PC, C#, XCode, Android SDK

System Integration

In terms of System Integration, we do not simply develop based on customer’s requirements, but stand in the position of solution consultants.

Enterprise application

E-Commerce solutions have been completed and available for enterprises.
Build up and maintain different systems like: CRM, ERP,..

Programming languages: .NET, PHP, Java
Environment: Windown, Unix, Linux, Oracle

The systems we have developed for clients include:

  • ERP system for manufacturing companies in Japan
  • Meteorological systems in Japan airports