Why 2NF Software

Why 2NF Software

2NF Software


  1. An ample supply of human resources and human resources growth rate is 100-200% per year.
  2. Our staff who have years of experience in woking with Japanese companies understand Japanese culture deeply.
  3. Our staff are determined and willing to learn Japanese management, manufacturing and thought processes.

II. Standard Process:

  1. International Standard Software Process
         Recently, 2NF’s software development process has been based on CMMI Level 3.
  1. Advantages of 2NF Software Process
        We have created a unified software development process throughout the company     which best meets the requirements of software development with various partners.
  1. Our project management Tool:
        We have used different tools during software development process like project management tool (MS Project, Excel), source code management tool (SVN, Github…), bug management tools (redmine, jira…), automation test tools and developed our own management tools.

III. Information Security

We take information security as priority in the software development process with our customers. Therefore, our company fully meets the requirements of infrastructure, processes, awareness and information security.

VI. Quality and Cost

We provide the high quality services and products with the most reasonable and competitive price.