Success stories

Business Process Systems

Agricultural Management Project

Develop an agricultural management system for a Province in Japan as a replacement for an existing obsolete and cumbersome system. Main features: Device... More

Restaurant Management Project

Develop the ERP system for the Japanese restaurant in Japan. Main features: Employee Management, Inventory Management, Menu Management, Order Management,... More

Education Management System and E-Learning

Toeic Exam Management System Project

Manage candidate application for TOEIC test, organization of TOEIC exam based on the number of candidates, the avenues of TOEIC test are allocated everywhere in Tokyo,... More

ELearning Project

Build the e-learning system (Students can learn English via Skype over the world). Build E-Commerce System for this E-learning system. Client: Japanese Company Contract... More


Social Network Game Project

Building web games for women, game can run on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon…). Providing in app purchases. Client: Japanese Company Contract Type: Offshore... More

Tickets Management System Project

Create a system which can customize end user page for each organization. User can register into each organization page, free or charged. Create a ticket system for each... More

Cryptocurrencies Management System

Cryptocurrencies Management System Project

Application for combining the best cryptocurrency market, monitoring and portfolio management tools. Collect market data, ICO details, and news. Main features: Official... More

Smartphone Application

Reservation Service Project

This is an app offering a premium reservation service that revolutionizes the way we schedule, book, entertain and live. Main features: Booking all services from... More

Football Field Management Project

Create a smartphone app allowing user to book football field, cancel booking. This app allows admin to manage football fields: schedule and financial managing. Client:... More

Search And Booking Restaurant Project

Book and number guests to shop in real time. Displays the number of stores suitable for customer requirements. Main features: Direct and display the shortest distance... More

Read eBook on smartphone Project

Create an app which is able to read eBook on smartphone (iOS, Android). This app can access to eBook store for buying eBook, downloading, and comment. Client: My Company... More

Game Development

Rescue the princess Project

RPG genre (game 3d) written for mobile which runs on the platform: Android, iOS. Players will initially be offered their own town and character. Gameplay: Player... More

Harvest game

Build a 2D game basing on the following gameplay: Player as a farmer to manage her farm Main features: Purchase and sell seeds; sowing and harvesting crops; seed... More