2NF Software



  • 2NF Group:
  1. 2NF Software Co., LTA?.
  2. 2NF Japan Inc.
  • Chairman: A?a?�ng Minh Tua??n.
  • 2NF Software – CEO: Nguya��n Nh?� Ha??nh.
  • 2NF Japan a�� President: Takayanagi Jun.
  • 2NF Japan a�� CEO: Tra?�n Nguya��n DA�ng.
Established: April 2012
Number of staff:
  • 2NF Software: 70
  • 2NF Japan: 10
HA� Na��i Office: 9th Floor, 3A Building, 82 Lane, Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi City
Tokyo Office: a��102-0072 ??�a?�e??a??a�?c��a??e??c��?��i?�a??c��i?�a?�i?�
303, 2-9-7 Iidabashi, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Mobile: A�(084) 43-8398-714
Email:A�info@2nf.com.vn, hanh@2nf.com.vn
Website:A�www.2nf.com.vn, www.2nf.vn


A� A� A� a�?A�2NF is a software company providing IT solutions and software products for enterprises in Japan, Korea, Australia and Vietnam.
A� A� A� a�?A�Our unique products are created from strong expertise in technology, deep understanding of the market, and with great passion and enthusiasm.
A� A� A� a�?A�Furthermore, respect for cultural differences and diversity drives us to move forward to meet customersa�� needs and expectations by delivering best quality services and products.

Companya��s Identity



A� A� A� To customers: Different cultures should always be respected and we work towards the motto a�?All for customer satisfactiona�?.
A� A� A� 2NF aims to become an internationally renowned IT company nationwide and global wide.
A� A� A� To employees: We encourage the creativity and initiatives for the development of the company. We want to build up a strong team acquiring all the quintessence of its staff.One thing that makes 2NF unique in themarket is our sincerity.


A� A� A� 2NF thrives to develop more IT products and services dealing with different social aspects, making life more
A� A� A� 2NF is a team comprised of qualified members with strong sense of responsibility and progressiveness. We are building up and developing an organization reaching out on a global level.


  • In 2012: 2NF was co-founded by 2 members and the number of staff was 2.
    Companya��s address was at: 6th floor, 82 Chua Ha, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
  • In 2013: The number of staff increased to 10 people, working in 2 main software development fields: Web development and Application development on smart phones.
  • In 2014: 2NFa��s office was moved to 9th floor, 3A building, Lane 82, Duy Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
    Number of staff: 30
    Extended companya��s business fields to Game development by Unity, Embedded System development.
  • In 2015: The company aims to grow faster and increase the number of staff to 60-80



Companya��s Clients



2NF is a software company providing IT solutions and software products for enterprises in Japan, Korea and Vietnam.