We have a high quality staff

W hy 2NF Software

Our human resources are highly qualified in technology, experienced and fluent in at least one foreign language such as English, Japanese. They are hard-working, eager to learn and able to quickly master new techniques.

Our engineers do not passively follow customers’ instructions. They always review and analyze to find the best solution to the problems.

International Standard Software Process
We have established our development process based on CMMI level 3.

Advantages of 2NF Software Process
We have created a unified software process throughout the company which is the best meets software development requirements of various partners.

Project Management Tool
We are applying different tools during software development process such as project management tools (MS Project, Excel…), source code management tools (SVN, Github…), bug management tools (Redmine, Jira…) and also developing our own management tools.

We take information security as priority in the software development process with our clients. Therefore, our company fully meets the requirements of infrastructure, processes, awareness and information security.

With the motto of deep understanding of expertise and technology, along with enthusiasm and passion, we create unique software products in the market.
With cultural understanding, along with customer understanding, we always provide services that maximize customer satisfaction.

We provide high quality services and products with the most reasonable and competitive price.