S ervice solution

Web App Development

The systems we had developed for clients include:

  • Social Network
  • Business management and restaurant software systems: production management, chain restaurant management
  • Agriculture management systems
  • Learning and examination management systems
  • E-Commerce System
  • Other systems based on requirements of customers

The programming languages we are using the most are: PHP, dotNet, Java, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, Reactjs, NoteJS.
We not only build up software systems based on customer needs, but also provide solutions, technologies and requirement analysis, develop and deploy the software to our clients.

Mobile App Development

Having many years of experience in developing smartphone applications for iOS (ObjectiveC, Swift) and Android, we are developing many types of applications for customers such as:

  • E-commerce system application
  • Social Network
  • Business management application
  • Personal application: reading application, alarm application

We have had applications listed into the top 5 apps on Vietnam’s App Store.

NFT Game

We develop games on smartphone with Unity 2D and 3D. Our games mainly include educational games, simulation games and tactical games for professional gamers.
In terms of game development, we not only program based on customer requirements, but also have our own design team who are can implement character design, context and game script writing.

Enterprise Application (Saleforce, Odoo) Development

We have much experience in developing CRM systems with Salesforce solution and developing ERP systems with Odoo.


With experience in developing ERP systems of different industries and fields, we are confident to build the most suitable and optimal system to meet the expectations of our customers.


Our BI system provides an overview of the whole picture of the business to the leaders and managers. Also, it provides detailed information of all business areas in the business. Therefore, supporting businesses access critical business information, analyze and make quick decisions.


Currently, we are developing AI on: Natural Language Processing – NLP, Image Processing, Optical Character Recognition – OCR.


With many features: high security, transparency and intelligence, Blockchain Technology now plays an increasingly large role in changing the world of information technology. We have grasped this trend and have invested a lot of human resources through many projects using Blockchain technology.


Our company provides software development engineers in many languages with various levels, from fresher to project manager for customers who has a shortage of human resources.