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2NF is ready to cope with the new developments of the Covid-19 epidemic

Posting time: 03:10, 19/08/2022

On July 25, Vietnam announced the 416 th case of nCov, the first case in the country after 99 days without a domestic case. Since then, the number of infections has increased in many provinces and cities nationwide, including Hanoi, where 2NF is headquartered. Facing the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control issued a recommendation that people should not restrict to the road. Along with that, there are many rapid and drastic prevention measures.

Among the prevention measures that are considered effective is that we have to regularly wash antiseptic hands, wear a mask, limit outside and avoid gathering in crowded places … And 2NF has reactivated. these anti-epidemic activities with the preparation of masks and hand-washing water for employees in the company, along with an urgent meeting that took place this afternoon of the Board of Directors to discuss plans and plans to prevent Avoid the spread of disease. Accordingly, 2NF will immediately prepare the equipment and infrastructure ready for Remote Work. If the epidemic situation in Vietnam has worsened, the possibility that 2NF could immediately implement that measure has been taken advantage of and implemented quite effectively by the 2NF in the month of social gap. 4, last May.

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