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2NF Software activates Work From Home mode

Posting time: 03:07, 19/08/2022

The 4th outbreak of Covid-19 in Vietnam is developing in a complicated and challenging direction with multiple outbreaks, multiple sources of infection and multiple strains. In the past one month, the numbers of new cases in the country increased the most, for the first time recorded the variant with the strongest infection rate in the world.

Faced-up with that situation, once again 2NF Software Co., Ltd continues to implement the remote working mode – Work from home from May the 17th  to May the 28th , 2021.

Picture: 2NF staff working from home

Working from home this time, the Board of Directors of the Company still maintains the motto: “Ensure the safety of all employees and families, maintain a source of work and income for each individual as well as the team towards the long-term development goals”. And in fact we have been doing like that and achieve as expected.

After twice of implementing the remote working mode, the Company’s staffs are familiar with this method. All employees always strictly follow the same time as working at the Company, the progress and quality of the project is always guaranteed, besides, we also have a number of teams working with good efficiency more than planned.

In order to achieve that success, besides the wise leadership of the Board of Directors of the Company, there is a sense of self-awareness and the spirit of effort of all 2NF employees. Everyone is always trying their best, being creative, dedicated to their work, not letting external factors affect their fighting and working spirit.

Up to now, it can be affirmed that “Work From Home” mode is a safe and effective solution during the current pandemic. We hope that all employees of the Company will always keep the same enthusiastic working spirit to overcome this difficult time together!

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