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Posting time: 03:06, 19/08/2022

International Children’s Day- June the 1st is a special occasion that children are always eagerly waiting for, a holiday for children to have an interesting and healthy playground, have a fun and happy day with their parents and friend. And this is also an opportunity for adults to recall our innocent childhood and also an opportunity to show our love for children.
The Board of Directors of 2NF Software Co., Ltd sent congratulations to the children, wishing them a happy and meaningful holiday. At the same time, the Board of Directors of the Company also sent lovely gifts to the children to encourage and motivate them, hope they will always be healthy, grow up fast, study well and obey grandmother, parents.
Below are some lovely pictures of the children receiving gifts from 2NF Software:

Picture 1,2,3,4: Children have fun with lovely gifts

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