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First teleworking attempt by coronavirus (March 16th-April 26th, 2020)

Posting time: 03:12, 19/08/2022

A coronavirus that has not yet declined. Even in Vietnam, where the 2NF software headquarters is located, a new type of coronavirus infectious disease began in earnest around the beginning of the new year, and during the “coronal epidemic,” widespread anxiety spread among the people. In consideration of thorough prevention of coronavirus and safety of all employees and their families, we voluntarily switched to telework from an early stage.

Before the telework transition, we held a large-scale conference, the situation of the coronavirus epidemic, the need to raise the awareness of each person, the impact on the IT industry in the coronal epidemic, the challenges that 2NF should overcome, and the opportunities that lead to future development. We disseminated such information to all employees and spread the understanding.

At the same time, 2NF executives announced that the motto during the teleworking period is “to ensure the safety of all employees and their families, secure work for both individuals and teams, and develop in the long run”.

We presented how to face the coronavirus.

Our CEOMr. Nguyen Nhu Hanh emphasized on three important factors in combating the disease including:

  1. Prevention of infectious diseases
  2. Suppression of corporate decline
  3. No employee will be unemployed

We emphasized that these three are important in repelling coronaviruses, and emphasized that the transition to telework will not affect the progress or quality of the project, and increased the morale of the entire company.

On March 16, 2020, after a careful system preparation period, telework by some employees finally started. During the telework period, we were particularly conscious of communication between employees, and we actively held meetings for all employees to participate using Zoom.

After that, from April 1st, against the background of the implementation of the social isolation policy by the Vietnamese government, our company continued the telework system until April 26th, 2020, and was able to resume work at the company from the following day 27th ( Employees in some areas carry out telework until May 1.)

The telework period lasted more than a month, but as a result of all employees being highly conscious and strict punctuality, I was able to work as usual without affecting the project during the telework period. .. In addition, no one in the company, including employees and their families, was infected with coronavirus. Our first attempt is confident and successful.

In Vietnam, the government has been working hard on the coronavirus, and no one has been infected by the community in the last few months. However, in the world including Japan, we are still nervous. Last but not least, all 2NF Software employees pray that the new coronavirus infection will be eradicated as soon as possible and the smiles and liveliness will return to the world.

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