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Online Seminar: Agile development, holding the key to successful telework June 5, 2020

Posting time: 03:11, 19/08/2022

Currently, not only in Japan, but many companies are now required to carry out telework due to the effects of the coronavirus. However, in the face of this unprecedented situation, I think many companies are holding their heads when reviewing their work content. Therefore, we wanted to help everyone, and we held a free seminar using our abundant knowledge and experience cultivated over many years by our senior advisor Kataoka.

Based on the theme of “Agile development and the key to successful telework,” I talked about about one hour, including the methods of shifting and operating Agile development and telework. Although it was an online seminar using Zoom, it can be viewed by many people, such as those who are interested in agile development and 2NF software customers.

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